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In this debut novella, J.H. White crafts a gritty new imagining of the modern vampire trope. Each chapter of this contemporary and paranormal fantasy uncoils and delivers as it artfully interlaces two distinct story arcs. Blending urban fantasy with just the right amount of horror and dark elements, this first installment in the Tiber Series grabs the reader and won't relent. If you are expecting the typical vampire cliche, you will be painfully disappointed – or pleasantly surprised. Azygos is a delightfully excruciating journey which will leave you aching for answers.


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"Two different paths for two very different people, battling nightmares of things in the past that cannot change. It is when these two paths cross that things become different. They wish for things that will never be. This book is a horror story, with romance different from any other. The book takes off out of the gates from the very beginning. Within the first few chapters we are introduced to our main characters and their unique disposition. Both are in a situation beyond their control or choice. You will experience horror, yet also romance. An odd combination that blends so flawlessly. Don’t expect any happily-ever-afters in this creepy tale. But hard decisions will be made and it will be a shocker."
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About the Author

J.H. White is an independent author who lives and writes in the Pacific Northwest with her ever-patient and imaginative husband, two riotous children, and many over-watered plants. When not writing, she enjoys gardening, walking, traveling, and expanding her experiences around the world; her favorite locations include Dublin, Edinburgh, Prague, among many others. The creative and expressive arts have always been a passion of hers, and, until recently, her writing sat in a folder on her computer only to be enjoyed by close friends and family. With a little encouragement and a lot of editing, Azygos, Volume I of a planned reverse-chronology series, is her first published novella. Written in 2010, the first draft of Azygos percolated and simmered for eleven years. She revisited it countless times throughout those years and is finally excited to debut it to the public. J.H. White enjoys reading and writing varied fiction genres, from fantasy and historical fiction, to thriller and suspense, to realism and classic literature.

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