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Basilic, the second novel in the Tiber Series, weaves the rich tapestry of Marlowe's second life. Beginning in the Autumn of 1929, J.H. White cleverly spans decades to craft the story of Marlowe's found family. This supernatural thriller and historical fantasy peels layer upon layer to reveal a complex world steeped in vengeance and hunger.

A thrilling and thought-provoking sequel which links seamlessly to the first in the series.

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"The book is a steady read. It is not rushed in any way, which I enjoyed. It allows readers to travel with the characters and process what they feel. Along with the wonderful cast of characters the historical aspects of the story create a cool new world where the vampires hide in shadows, but yet mingle around humans. Can you tell who the monsters are? The ending of this book was unexpected and I loved it."
- Moohnshine's Corner
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